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About me

Hi!  I’m Keegan White and I believe that I have been placed on this planet to teach people how to heal.  To heal from their patterns, habits, and beliefs that have been holding them back and keeping them stuck.  ​

I am passionate about working with people who have been beat down by their patterns, habits, beliefs and empowering you to break through what has been holding you back.


I began my own spiritual path of healing over a decade ago when I walked into a treatment facility to treat my addiction to drugs, alcohol, and an abusive relationship.  (Did you know relationships can be just as addictive and toxic as substances?)  


After hitting the lowest point in my life - emotionally, spiritually and mentally - I began my own journey to truly become whole, to reconnect with my body and mind, to heal. As I became more integrated, I began to see the mind, body, and spirit connection as one, my self esteem began to increase and I no longer craved the destructive habits that had at one time haunted me.


Since experiencing this freedom, my mission has been to educate others on how their patterns, habits, or beliefs are affecting their lives and how to break free, connect with their highest Self, and live a more peaceful and purposeful life.